Sky Designs Engineering believes safety is of utmost importance.  The following security features are included in all of our planes:

  • Robust structural design incorporating large safety margins.

  • Strong landing gear for rough runways and hard landings.

  • Generous wing area for low landing speeds.

  • Large wing span for low sink rate and efficient cruise.

  • Tail surfaces sized for stability and spin recovery.

  • Great visibility.

  • Doors and canopies remain attached, even if accidentally unlatched.

  • Balistic Recovery Parachute is an available option.


A more affordable design places the capability and benefits of light airplanes within reach of a wider cross section of society. Our planes are designed to be as affordable as possible.  These cost effective design features include:

  • Maximum fuel efficiency.

  • Parts designed for efficient manufacture on accurate, affordable CNC machines.

  • Fully featured and accurate parts for ease of assembly in the factory and repair in the field.

  • Maintenance accessibility.


Exceptional flying qualities come from a plane that balances stability with highly responsive, intuitive controls.The following flying qualities can be found in each of our planes:

  • Low control system friction.

  • Low-set control forces, especially aileron.

  • Good control response, especially aileron.

  • Control force harmony.

  • Minimal noise.


Today's complex systems dictates a need for an integration between those systems, the aircraft structure, and the pilot.  This unification is attained through the following standards:

  • Synthesis of design between avionics, engine management, navigation, flight path conrol, and audio communication.

  • Adequate space provided for routing of various mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical systems along with their associated components.