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RV-10 & RV-14 Extended Range Fuel Tank Kits

The good news, our ER Tanks are becoming popular!!!

The not so good news, we want to pause our orders until we know our US manufacturers are able to meet the increased quantity demands while maintaining our high standards of quality. 

We expect to be able to receive your orders by July 2023.

Upon your request, the following information can be emailed to you for your consideration.

1. Installation Instructions
2.  BOM
3.  Add/delete list
4.  Ken's Comments
5.  Engineering Report

Thank you for your patience. 


VH-XRK completed tank-R-1.jpeg

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RV-8 Aluminum Airfoil Landing Gear Kit


 Price: $2,340

Landing Gear Kit Includes:

(Qty. 2 each) Aluminum Airfoil Landing Gear Legs, Inboard Brackets, Outboard Brackets, Brake Lines

and all AN & NAS hardware

  • Complete kit that fits existing mounting points

  • Material: 7075-T6

  • Weight savings: 15lbs

  • Gun-drilled brake fluid passages

Carbon Fiber Wheel Fairing Kit

Wheel Fairing Kit Price: $1,495

Wheel Fairing Kit and Matco Wheel Bundle Price: $2,495


Wheel Fairing Kit Includes:

(Qty. 2 each) Wheel Fairings, Lower Intersection Fairings

(Qty. 4 each) Wheel Fairing Brackets 

and Installation Hardware

Matco Wheel Kit Includes:

(Qty. 2 each) 6.00-6 Wheels, Brakes, and 90 Degree Stem Inner Tubes

Designed for minimum drag, while providing good ground clearance, light weight, and aesthetic styling.

Ball Bearing Aileron Bellcrank Bracket Kit

Kit Price: $189.00

Ball Bearing Aileron Bellcrank Bracket Kit Includes:

(Qty. 3 each) Standard Ball Bearing Brackets 

(Qty. 1 each) Autopilot Servo Mount/Ball Bearing Bracket 

(Qty. 4 each) Bellcrank Bushings 

(Qty. 2 each) AN-4 Bolts

  • Can be used on Van's RV-7, 8, 10,  and 14

  • Everything needed to replace the standard bronze bushings with ball bearings

Jack Point Kit

Jack Point Kit Price: $49.95

Jack Point Kit Includes:

(Qty. 2 each) Bracket Mounts

(Qty. 1 each) Nut, Bolt

  • Weight: 3.4 oz

  • Can be used on Van's RV-8, 12,  and 14A

  • Can be used on Vashon Ranger R7

Makes lifting your airplane, whether for maintenance or an emergency, much easier to do!


Looking for the Titanium Tailspring?

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